David & the Citizens, c’est fini; Sodastream également. Sadness ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-( ;-(

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DAVID and the CITIZENS-New Direction (2003)

David_and_the_Citizens.pngShort translation à propos de la séparation de David & the Citizens : We’ve had a hard time with the internal communication. We’ve tried to repair it, but no success. Magnus, Conny och John decided to leave the band. I’m working on putting together a new band, under the same name. The tour in Finland och Germany/Netherlands is cancelled.
This is life. I think we’re all sad for this. I have great respect for the guys. Esp Magnus who helped me get my music out there via Adrian Recordings, I’ll never forget that. We’ve had a lot of fun, but we didn’t make it now.

David & the Citizens : Just some thoughts (aucune autre info)
Je crois qu’il s’agit d’une interview de Jens Lindgard, producteur des 1ers albums de David & the Citizens, où il y joue également du Trombone; mais impossible de trouver une photo de lui sur Google pour confirmer. C’est le même Jens Lindgard à priori que l’on retrouve à la Trompette/Trombone sur l’album de Mathieu Boogaerts, J’en ai marre d’être deux, enregistré en Suède aux Studios Tambourine. Le même Jens Lindgard qui joue du trombone sur l’album Good Humor de St-Etienne également. Assitant de production/Ingénieur sur le dernier album de OK GO, A Million Ways : tout-à-coup, ça me donne envie de l’écouter. A NPC avec le chanteur des Mopeds, assez connus au Japon apparemment. En fait, je me rends compte que c’est lui l’alchimiste de David & the Citizens, lui qui a fait la qualité des 1ers albums, leur richesse d’instruments; ensuite, dés qu’il n’était plus à la production, ça s’est dégradé (Stop the Tape! Stop the Tape! 2006), groupe – intéressant, + lisse, l’une des raisons peut-être du manque de succès international de leur dernier album et de leur séparation.

Yeah I think the first thing was, I got the album in the beginning of 2002, watching Money Brother (un groupe suédois) and euh, I think with Kristopher Hallström ?, over in London too, so they gave me the album, played it, and absolutely hated it thru a right a pile albums of the trash. At the time I was writing for some music magazines and to contact ? recordings and ask them about an international release plan.
So it’s a kind ironic I’m standing here now because since making ? that’ve been released in Japan, America, played in the UK, I don’t know, Five, Six, Seven Eight, Nine Times, even the radio had some played decent diffusion over here, ? prepared for Fan Bases : so, it’s been a success. Euh…UK are funnier places for the Band to call but definitly, only yesterday, I was asked when the Band were coming back over, a remind ? interest, really, which is on David’s songwriting, which was a thing that maybe lounged ? the CD in the beginning, but then having listened to it properly, it blew me away I mean, I think, I’ve listened to Bands from Sweden for eleven years, gone quite a few bands, and NOT ONE kicked the arse of me quite like For all happy endings, and that has been followed by EP’s and singles and albums and compilations and Grammy Nominations and, thru the Germany and Austria, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, the UK…euh…it’s been quite Four years get to know the Band and I think this DVD really bringing all together that one performance is on this DVD from all threads? , that involved ? things, really really hit me in ? I left the Job on the Base of that, down to relationships ? on the Back of that?, got involved on the Record Label, standing here on the Back of that and euh, it was just outstanding performance
…. So, be on the mind ? that David’s written Fifty Sixty songs and even I it’s quite great difficult to keep ? with the number of songs he’s writing, he’s a Fan’s dream and a Record Label nightmare because we just can’t release all
– Can you say it again?
I mean David’s written about Fifty Sixty Seventy Songs, it’s pretty hard to keep up because he’s such prolific songwriter, I would say he’s a kind of, he’s a Fans Dream, but a Record…
I mean in terms of the music, David’s written over Sixty Seventy songs, and I’ve great difficult keeping up what’s coming because he’s always got a new song and I mean it might take 2 or 3 years between a song being demoed, maybe even so like the same recorded, or rough ? recorded and finally make it on a disc I mean I could name a few songs. I won’t bother ? because I’m sure i’m getting wrong, David’s always corrects me
But I mean I suppose I’m always corrected
I can name a song, can name one particular song, but i personnaly think should have been on the Tour The sadness is gone and that was a song called Everything you’ll never see, love it, absolutely love it, it’s on the Big Chill EP, so it didn’t see the light, that’s a kind of kill
Euh my favorite song I’ve recorded, I just got, I will list ? like this (avec les doigts), is supposed Your Cool Entrance (I’ve been floating upstream EP) that has just got an amazin Humpa?, I just call it the Humpa? Song, beautiful lyrics, beautiful Duet between Sarah and David, euh Time is nothing, it’s violent, and euh…I’ve got one more, one more song, I’d say Everything you’ll never see cos’ it’s been my Mantra? to pump? that song and this song’s Big Chill I suppose the guys didn’t love it, so Thanks guys for that
euh but I mean there are just so many songs with the changes of the seasons, the changes of the mood
all these songs about David’s mother (qui est décédée je crois, si je comprend bien les paroles de Something not Sunlight sur For all Happy Endings) all theses songs about relationships, just Hopes, Fears, Dreams
I think really I’m not the right person talk but I think David should really talk about his Songs but the Ones that mean something to me are definitly Your Cool Entrance, Everything you’ll never see (EP Big Chill) and euh Time is nothing (EP New Direction) and I’ll say it’s like other ones coming out, it’s egal The Band here in UK definitly have a Name and euh I think it only takes one live performance for people see what, you know, what different kind of Band they are, what different kind of sounds. There’s two guitars and bass and drums, they’re kind of plenty? , but I mean the Band will play Pipesbags ? (cornemuses) on an album. I don’t think there’s many and that’s the beauty ? in it
I’m really had an amazing time working with them and euh looking for the new album which I believe is in the mix who knows we might be ? this now? …. what could I say


SODASTREAM– Heaven on the Earth